Alilea Villas - Location - Evia

Evia Island

Explore a more genuine and unspoilt part of Greece, Evia. There is something of interest to be seen at every turn in Evia. Modern life thrives alongside preserved tradition.

The island is the second largest in Greece, after Crete. Long and narrow, with a coastline of 680km (lots of beaches!). Evia lies in the Aegean Sea alongside the shores of Mainland Greece. It covers an area of 3580 km2 and it has approximately 212.500 inhabitants.

Access onto the island is easy as it is connected with a main highway and several ferry lines. It is a centre of attraction for those seeking natural beauty and scenic variety.

Luscious hillsides, rivers and streams with rich vegetation, a large variety of beaches, curative springs and the warm hospitality of its citizens are among the things that Evia has to offer. Things that guarantee a pleasant stay.
Historic monuments and the local culture and way of life will captivate the educated traveler. The most distinctive monuments are the medieval towers and the monasteries scattered all over Evia. There is also a variety of folk, archeological and historical museums.

Many tourists in favor of more popular holiday spots ignore Evia, perhaps because it is not very well known. For the Greeks it is an ideal weekend getaway since it is so close to Athens and offers many types of recreation such as swimming, fishing, hiking and mountain climbing.
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